SP-102: Corrosion, Concrete, & Chlorides

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As a designer you need the wealth of information presented in "Corrosion, Concrete and Chlorides -- Steel Corrosion in Concrete: Causes and Restraints," a compilation of 11 papers covering the corrosion phenomenon. Prompted by the nationwide corrosion problem with concrete, there have been extensive field and laboratory investigations into the specific phenomena that induce corrosion, methods for identifying the magnitude and extent of corrosion in structures, techniques for stabilizing corrosion once it has begun, and design of structures and concretes so that corrosion will not occur.

Presenting an in-depth analysis into a variety of aspects dealing with corrosion, this state-of-the-art publication includes such topics as: the marked influence of chloride in causing corrosion, ways for controlling corrosion by using chloride-free accelerators, the reduction of chloride penetration through the use of pozzolanic blast-furnace slag as an admixture in concrete, and the conductive coating aspects of cathodic protection. "Corrosion, Concrete and Chlorides" provides important answers to a complex problem.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1987

ISBN: 9780870316012

Categories: Corrosion

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Some Chemical and Physical Aspects of Phenomena Associated with Chloride-Induced Corrosion

Author(s): William G. Hime and Bernard Erlin

Review of Electrochemical Principles as Applied to Corrosion of Steel in a Concrete or Grout Environment

Author(s): John Fraczek

Effects of Two Non-Chloride Accelerating Agents on Setting Characteristics of Portland Cement Mortars

Author(s): Philip A. Smith

Comparison of the Corrosion Potential of Calcium Chloride and a Calcium Nitrate Based on Non-Chloride Accelerator

Author(s): Jens Holm

Calcium Nitrate-Based, Non-Corrosive, Non-Chloride Accelerator

Author(s): David Chin

Strength-Increasing Effects of a Chloride-Free Accelerator

Author(s): Sandor Popovics

Effect of Cementitious Blast-Furnace Slag on Chloride Permeability of Concrete

Author(s): Jere H. Rose

Cathodic Protection (corrosion control) of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Conductive Coatings

Author(s): Joseph A. Lehmann

Influence of Chlorides in Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): ACI Forum


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