ITG-5.1M-07 Acceptance Criteria for Special Unbonded Post-Tens.Precast Struct. Walls Based on Validation Testing (Metric)

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This document applies to structures in regions of high seismic risk or to structures assigned to high seismic performance or design categories. It defines the minimum experimental evidence that can be deemed to satisfy the use of unbonded post-tensioned precast structural walls (shear walls) for bearing wall and building frame special reinforced concrete shear wall systems, as defined in ASCE/SEI 7-05, when those walls do not fully satisfy the intent of the prescriptive requirements of Chapter 21 of ACI 318M-05. This document includes mandatory Acceptance Criteria and nonmandatory Commentary, and has been written in such a form that its requirements can be coordinated directly with the requirements for special precast structural walls in 21.8 of ACI 318M-05. Among the subjects covered are requirements for the procedures that shall be used to design unbonded post-tensioned precast test modules and their configurations, as well as requirements for testing, reporting, and assessing satisfactory performance of the test modules.

The references of the Commentary provide documentary evidence, additional to the references of Chapter 21 of ACI 318RM-05, that support the acceptance criteria. Consistent with the approach of ACI 318M, no comparison is made, either in the body of the Acceptance Criteria or Commentary, of research results for precast test modules satisfying ACI 318M with those for modules that, although not satisfying ACI 318M, do satisfy the Acceptance Criteria. Such comparisons, both experimental and analytical, are available in the Commentary references. In this document, consistent with the format of ACI 318M-05, the word “Section” is not included before a reference to a section of ACI 318M-05. To more clearly designate a section in this document, however, the word “Section” is used before any reference to a section of this document. The section numbering for the Commentary is the same as that for the Standard, with numbers preceded by an “R” and the text in italics to distinguish them from the corresponding section numbers of the Standard.

Keywords: acceptance criteria; coupling element; drift; drift angle; energy dissipation; lateral resistance; post-tensioning; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; seismic design; shear wall; structural wall; test module; toughness.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 93

Publication Year: 2008

Pages: 19

ISBN: 9780870313011

Categories: Prestressed Concrete

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction and scope

Chapter 2—Notation and definitions

Chapter 3—Design procedure

Chapter 4—Test modules

Chapter 5—Test method

Chapter 6—Test report

Chapter 7—Test module acceptance criteria

Chapter 8—Referenced standards


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