HB-10(11) 314 Design Aids

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Members of ACI Committee 314, Simplified Design of Concrete Buildings, have created and reviewed a series of helpful design aids for reinforced concrete. Download this documents for quick and easy reference during design or to refresh one’s memory on the basics of concrete design.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2015

Pages: 31


Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Design Aid J.1-1 Areas of Reinforcing Bars

Design Aid J.1-2 Approximate Bending Moments and Shear Forces for Continuous Beams and One-way Slabs

Design Aid J.1-3 Variation of φ with Net Tensile Strain in Extreme Tension Steel εt and c / dt – Grade 60 Reinforcement and Prestressing Steel

Design Aid J.1-4 Simplified Calculation of As Assuming Tension-Controlled Section and Grade 60 Reinforcement

Design Aid J.1-5 Minimum Number of Reinforcing Bars Required in a Single Layer

Design Aid J.1-6 Maximum Number of Reinforcing Bars Permitted in a Single Layer

Design Aid J.1-7 Minimum Thickness h for Beams and One-Way Slabs Unless Deflections are Calculated

Design Aid J.1-8 Reinforcement Ratio ρt for Tension-Controlled Sections Assuming Grade 60 Reinforcement

Design Aid J.1-9 Simplified Calculation of bw Assuming Grade 60 Reinforcement and ρ = 0.5 ρmax

Design Aid J.1-10 T-beam Construction

Design Aid J.1-11 Values of φVs = Vu - φVc (kips) as a Function of the Spacing, s

Design Aid J.1-12 Minimum Shear Reinforcement Av, min / s

Design Aid J.1-13 Torsional Section Properties

Design Aid J.1-14 Moment of Inertia of Cracked Section Transformed to Concrete, Icr

Design Aid J.1-15 Approximate Equation to Determine Immediate Deflection, Δi, for Members Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Loads

Design Aids J.2 Two-Way Slabs – Direct Design method, includes the following:

- Conditions for Analysis by the Direct Design Method

- Definitions of Column Strip and Middle Strip

- Definition of Clear Span,

- Design Moment Coefficients used with the Direct Design Method

- Effective Beam and Slab Sections for Computation of Stiffness Ratio, αf

- Computation of Torsional Stiffness Factor, βt, for T- and L-Sections

- Moment Distribution Constants for Slab-Beam Members without Drop Panels

- Stiffness and Carry-Over Factors for Columns


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