423.6/423.6R-01: Specification for Unbonded Single-Strand Tendons and Commentary

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**WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT – This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


This specification provides specific performance criteria for materials for

unbonded single strand tendons and detailed recommendations for fabrication materials and installation of unbonded single strand tendons. Specifications are

presented for tendons in non-aggressive environments and for tendons in

aggressive environments. The more restrictive material, fabrication, and

construction requirements for tendons used in aggressive environments are

essential to the long-term durability of tendons used in such circumstances.

Notes to Specifier: This specification is incorporated by reference in the

project specifications using the wording in P4 of the preface and including

the information from the mandatory, optional, and submittal checklists

following the specification.

ACI Specification 423.6-01 and Commentary 423.6R-01 are pre-sented

in a side-by-side column format, with specification text placed in

the left-hand column and the corresponding commentary text aligned in

the right column. Commentary section numbers are preceded by the let-ter

The Commentary is not a part of this specification.

Keywords: anchorage; construction joint; contractor; coupler; deicer; post-tensioning; prestress; prestressing steel; sheathing; specification; strand;

unbonded tendon.

Keywords: anchorage; construction joint; contractor; coupler; deicer; posttensioning; prestress; prestressing steel; sheathing; specification; strand;

unbonded tendon.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 423

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 29

ISBN: 9780870310638

Categories: Prestressed Concrete

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Part 1—General



1.3—Referenced standards

1.4—System description


1.5.1—Prestressing steel

1.5.2—Anchorages and couplers


1.5.4—Post-tensioning coating

1.5.5—Fabrication plant

1.5.6—Stressing jack calibration

1.5.7—Stressing records



1.6.2—Handling, storage, and shipping—Handling—Storage before shipping—Shipping

1.7—Delivery, handling, and storage


1.7.2—Handling and storage

Part 2—Products

2.1—Prestressing steel


2.1.2—Acceptance criteria for surface condition

2.1.3—Compliance requirements

2.2—Anchorages and couplers

2.2.1—Anchorages—Static tests—Fatigue tests—Bearing stresses


2.2.3—Wedge-type anchorages


2.2.5—Compliance requirements

2.2.6—Anchorages and couplers in aggressive



2.3.1—General properties

2.3.2—Minimum thickness and diameter

2.3.3—Manufacturing processes

2.3.4—Sheathing coverage

2.3.5—Aggressive environments

2.4—Post-tensioning coating

2.4.1—General properties

2.4.2—Type of coating

2.4.3—Minimum quantity

2.4.4—Performance criteria

Part 3—Execution


3.2—Tendon installation


3.2.2—Stressing-end anchorages

3.2.3—Intermediate anchorages

3.2.4—Fixed-end anchorages—Wedge-type anchorages

3.2.5—Sheathing inspection and repair

3.3—Concrete placement



3.3.3—Protection of tendons

3.3.4—Sheathing repair

3.4—Tendon stressing


3.4.2—Jack calibration

3.4.3—Elongation measurement

3.5—Tendon finishing


3.5.2—Aggressive environments

3.5.3—Stressing pockets


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