355.2-01/355.2R-01: Evaluating the Performane of Post Installed Mechanical Anchors in Concrete and Commentary

355.2-01/355.2R-01: Evaluating the Performane of Post Installed Mechanical Anchors in Concrete and Commentary

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The 355.2/355.2R-01 prescribes testing programs and evaluation requirements for post-installed mechanical anchors intended for use in concrete under the design provisions of ACI 318. Criteria are prescribed for determining whether anchors are acceptable for use in uncracked concrete only, or in cracked as well as uncracked concrete. Performance categories for anchors are established, as are the criteria for assigning anchors to each category. The anchor performance categories are used by ACI 318 to assign capacity reduction factors and other design parameters.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 355

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 29

ISBN: 9780870315145

Categories: Anchors

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Scope

Chapter 2 - Definitions and use

2.1 - Definitions

2.2 - Notation

Chapter 3 - Significance and use

Chapter 4 - Requirements for anchor identification

4.1 - Determination of critical characteristics of anchors

Chapter 5 - General Requirements

5.1 - Testing sequence

5.2 - Test samples

5.3 - Testing by manufacturer

5.4 - Changes to product

Chapter 6 - Requirements for test specimens, installation of

anchors, and conduct of tests

6.1 - Concrete for test members

6.2 - Anchor installation

6.3 - Test methods

6.4 - Tests in cracked concrete

6.5 - General requirments for anchor behavior

Chapter 7 - Reference tests

7.1 - Purpose

7.2 - Reference tension tests for single anchors without spacing and edge


7.3 - Required calculations using results of reference tests

Chapter 8 - Reliability tests

8.1 - Purpose

8.2 - Reliability tests using reduced installation effort

8.3 - Reliability in low-strength concrete with large drill bit

8.4 - Reliability in high-strength concrete with small drill bit

8.5 - Reliability under repeated load

8.6 - Reliability in cracks where opening width is cycled

Chapter 9 - Service-condition tests

9.1 - Purpose

9.2 - General test conditions

9.3 - Service-condition tension test with a single anchor with two edges (corner)

9.4 - Service-condition test at minimum edge distance and minimum spacing

9.5 - Service-condition shear test for single anchors without spacing and edge effects

9.6 - Service-condition, simulated seismic tension tests

9.7 - Service-condition, simulated shear tests

Chapter 10 - Establishing anchor categories

Chapter 11 - Presenting anchor data

11.1 - Data analysis

11.2 - Format of the data sheet

11.3 - General requirments

11.4 - Contents of evaluation report

Chapter 12 - Requirements for independent testing

Chapter 13 - References

13.1 - Referenced standards

Appendix A1 - Requirements for independent testing and evaluation agency

A1.1 - Normalization of capacities to take account of concrete and steel strengths

A1.2 - Concrete breakout or splitting failure

A1.3 - Pullout and pull-through failure

A1.4 - Steel failure

Appendix A2 - Requirements for establishing characteristic capacities

A2.1 - Scope

A2.2 - Procedure

Appendix A3 - Requirements for test members

A3.1 - Tests in uncracked concrete

A3.2 - Tests in cracked concrete

A3.3 - Casting and curing of test members


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