ACI PRC-336.3S-93: Design and Construction of Drilled Piers (Reapproved 2006) - Spanish Language
336.3RS-93 Diseño y construccion de pilas de cimentación o pilotes, colados en sitio, (reaprobada en 2006), versión en español

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Covers the design and construction of foundation piers 30 in. (760 mm) in diameter or larger made by excavating a hole in the earth and then filling it with concrete. Smaller diameter piers have been used in non-collapsing soils. The two-step design procedure includes: (1) determination of overall pier size, and (2) detailed design of concrete pier element itself. Emphasis is on the former which involves interaction between soil and pier. Construction methods described include excavation, casing, placement of concrete and reinforcing steel, and installation by the slurry displacement method. Criteria for acceptance are presented along with recommended procedures for inspection and evaluation.

Keywords: axial loads; bearing capacity; bending; bending moments; caps (supports); concrete construction; deflection; excavation; foundations; lateral pressure; linings; loads (forces); moments; observation; piers; placing; quality control; reinforced concrete; slurry displacement method; soil mechanics; structural design; tolerances (mechanics); tremie concrete.


Document Details

Author: Tanslated by: ICCYC

Publication Year: 2014


Categories: Foundations

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-General





Chapter 2-General considerations


2.2-Factors to be considered

2.3-Pier types

2.4-Geotechnical considerations

Chapter 3-Design


3.2-Loading conditions

3.3-Strength design of piers

3.4-Vertical load capacity

3.5-Laterally loaded piers

3.6-Piers socketed in rock

3.7-Pier configuration

Chapter 4-Construction methods

4.1-Excavation and casing

4.2-Placing reinforcement

4.3-Dewatering, concreting, and removal of casing

4.4-Slurry displacement method


Chapter 5-Construction inspection and testing


5.2-Geotechnical field representative

5.3-Preliminary procedure

5.4-Inspection procedures


5.6-Exploration methods to determine soundness

of piers


5.8-Criteria for acceptance

5.9-Corrective measures

Chapter 6-References

6.1-Recommended references

6.2-Cited references


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