ACI PRC-232.1-12 Report on the Use of Raw or Processed Natural Pozzolans in Concrete

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This report reviews the use of raw or processed natural pozzolans in concrete and provides an overview of the properties of natural pozzolans and their use in the production of hydraulic-cement concrete. Long before the invention of portland cement, natural pozzolans mixed with lime were used to strengthen concrete and mortar. Today, they can be used to enhance the properties of fresh and hardened concrete and may provide economic value in some cases.

Keywords: alkali-silica reaction; diatomaceous earth; lime; pozzolan; pozzolanic activity; strength; sulfate attack.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 232

Publication Year: 2012

Pages: 29


Categories: Pozzolans

Formats: PDF, ePub, or Kindle

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction and scope



Chapter 2—Definitions

Chapter 3—Historical use of natural pozzolans

3.1—Ancient history

3.2—Modern history

Chapter 4—Natural pozzolans: descriptions

4.1—Calcined clay

4.2—Calcined shale

4.3—Diatomaceous earth


4.5—Opaline shales

4.6—Volcanic materials

4.7—Other materials

Chapter 5—Reaction mechanisms, classification, and composition

5.1—General reaction mechanisms

5.2—Classification systems

5.3—Chemical and mineralogical composition

5.4—Pozzolanic reactivity

5.5—Factors affecting pozzolanic reactivity

Chapter 6—Effects of natural pozzolans on concrete properties, p. 15

6.1—Concrete mixture proportions

6.2—Properties of fresh concrete

6.3—Properties of hardened concrete

Chapter 7—Specifications, test methods, quality control, and quality assurance

7.1— Introduction

7.2—Chemical requirements

7.3—Physical requirements

7.4—General specification provisions

7.5—Methods of sampling and testing

7.6—Quality control and quality assurance

Chapter 8—Concrete production: handling, storage, and batching

8.1—Storage and handling


Chapter 9—Uses of natural pozzolans in concrete and concrete products

9.1—Structural concrete

9.2—Precast, prestressed concrete products

9.3—Mass concrete

9.4—Concrete pipes

9.5—Concrete masonry units

9.6—Controlled low-strength materials

9.7—Grout and mortar

Chapter 10—References


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