212.4R-04: Guide for the Use of High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete

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**WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


High-range water-reducing admixtures can increase the strength of concrete and provide greatly increased workability without adding more water. Consequently, the use of high-range water-reducing admixtures is increasing substantially in the concrete industry. This guide contains information on the effects of these admixtures on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete, the uses of concrete, and the quality control of the concrete. This guide is designed for concrete suppliers, contractors, designers, specifiers, and all others engaged in concrete construction.

Keywords: admixture; batch; consolidation; high-range water-reducing

admixture; mixture; mixture proportion; plasticizer; portland cement;

quality control; water-reducing admixture; workability.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 212

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 13

ISBN: 9780870311611

Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—General information



Chapter 2—Effects of high-range water-reducing admixture

2.1—General effects


2.3—Fresh concrete properties

2.4—Hardened concrete properties

2.5—Increase in the efficiency of construction

2.6—Enhanced design and engineering of concrete structures

Chapter 3—Effects on freshly mixed concrete


3.2—Water reduction


3.4—Time of setting

3.5—Air entrainment



3.8 — Pumpability

Chapter 4—Effects on hardened concrete

4.1—Compressive strength

4.2—Tensile strength and modulus of elasticity

4.3—Bond to reinforcement

4.4—Temperature rise

4.5—Drying shrinkage and creep

4.6—Freezing-and-thawing resistance


Chapter 5—Typical applications of high-range

water-reducing admixtures


5.2—High-strength concrete

5.3—Precast/prestressed concrete

5.4—Architectural concrete

5.5—Parking and bridge structures

5.6—Rapid-cycle high-rise projects

5.7—Industrial slabs

5.8—Massive concrete

Chapter 6—Quality control


6.2—Water-cementitious material ratio and slump control

6.3—Redosing to recover lost slump

6.4—Placement of flowing concrete

6.5—Temperature considerations

Chapter 7—References

7.1—Referenced standards and reports

7.2—Cited references


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