ACI PRC-117.1-14 Guide for Tolerance Compatibility in Concrete Construction

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This guide lists industry-standard tolerances and presents recommendations for mitigating tolerance conflicts related to embedded items, elevator cores and hoist ways, openings in slabs and walls, manufactured couplers and splicing systems for reinforcing bars, stairs, cladding systems, infill wall systems, surface accessibility components, finish floor coverings, and expansion joints. Evaluating tolerance compatibility can be challenging due to the variety of materials, products, and elements that interface with, or connect to, concrete construction. Failure to accommodate these varying tolerances could have a significant impact on construction quality, cost, and schedules. Architects and engineers can use these guide recommendations to accommodate individual material, product, and element tolerances at their interface with concrete construction. Contractors can use these guide recommendations to mitigate tolerance conflicts during the construction phase.

Keywords: construction; embedded items; foundation; reinforced concrete; specification; tolerance; tolerance compatibility.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 117

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 47

ISBN: 9780870319150

Categories: Tolerances

Formats: PDF, ePub, or Kindle

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Introduction and Scope

1.1- Introduction

1.2- Scope

1.3- Unit conversions

Chapter 2- Definitions

2.1- Definitions

Chapter 3- Tolerance Coordination and Responsibility

3.1- Tolerance coordination meetings

3.2- Responsibilities

3.3- Review and approval

3.4- Measurements

Chapter 4- Creating Tolerance Compatibility

4.1- Steps toward tolerance compatibility

4.2- More restrictive tolerance

4.3- Tolerance limit considerations

4.4- Coordinating architectural layouts with structural framing

4.5- Communicating information

Chapter 5- Tolerance and Methods of Accomidating Tolerances

5.2- Elevator cores and hoistways

5.3- Openings in slabs and walls

5.4- Manufactured couplers and splicing systems for reinforcing bars

5.5- Cast-in-place stairs

5.6- Cladding systems

5.7- Infill wall systems

5.8- Surface accessibility

5.9- Finish floor coverings

5.10- Expansion joints

Chapter 6- References

Cited references


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