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Title: Synergistic Interaction of Condensed Polyacrylic Acid-Aminated Polyether Superplasticizer with Calcium Salts

Author(s): A. A. Jeknavorian, N. S. Berke, J. C. Connolly, and J. Prescott

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 195


Appears on pages(s): 585-600

Keywords: cement;concrete; corrosion inhibitor; curing (steam); strength .

DOI: 10.14359/9935

Date: 7/1/2000

The growing use of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizing polymers can be attributed to the numerous advantages they provide to the production and quality of concrete mixtures. The ability of polycarboxylates to fluidify and maintain the workability of concrete, while having minimal impact on setting characteristics, has contributed to increased strength and durability, and has allowed for more economical completion of numerous concrete handling operations. With the increased application of polycarboxylates in concrete, more frequent opportunities exist for these polymers to be used with other chemical admixtures such as conventional water reducing, set retarding, and set accelerating agents as well as other functional admixtures. The resulting admixture combinations have resulted in a wide range of interactions. This paper discusses the highly synergistic strength increase observed between a condensed polyacrylic acid-aminated polyether-based superplasticizer and several calcium salts typically used in admixture formulations.