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Title: Development of New Superplasticizer and Its Application to Self-Compacting Concrete

Author(s): D. Hamada, T. Sato, F. Yamato, and T. Mizunuma

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 195


Appears on pages(s): 291-304

Keywords: concrete; segregation; superplasticizers

DOI: 10.14359/9918

Date: 7/1/2000

A newly developed ‘polyether-based super-plasticizer’ was found to be much more suitable for self-compacting concrete than the conventional ones because of several advantages, such as high dispersability with minimal setting retardation while maintaining segregation resistance. Polyether-based superplasticizers’ features long ethylene oxide (EO) graft chains which give high dispersability by their steric repulsion, and short main chain with smaller amount of carboxyl group which leads to high early-strength. Furthermore, segregation resistance is improved by using this new superplasticizer with higher content of EO. This new superplasticizer has made possible the self-compacting concrete applications resulting in manpower savings, and improvement of quality and productivity.