Testing for Concrete Creep and Shrinkage


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Title: Testing for Concrete Creep and Shrinkage

Author(s): D. J. Carreira and R. G. Burg

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 194


Appears on pages(s): 381-419

Keywords: creep frames; creep testing; nuclear contain-ments; prestressed concrete losses; relative humidity tol-erances; shrinkage testing; strain gages; temperature tol-erances; test program; test specimens; testing environ-ments; uneven column shortening

Date: 5/1/2000

This paper summarizes most of the aspects and details related to testing for creep and shrinkage in concrete. The experimental determination of con-crete creep and shrinkage is discussed in detail, analyzing each of the condi-tions likely to be encountered during planning, testing and reporting test data. The subjects discussed are: objectives of test programs, test concept, as-sumptions, designing a test program, standard test methods for creep and shrinkage, test specimens, equipment for measuring deformations, concrete-mixing, batching and preparation of test specimens, testing environments, tem-perature and humidity tolerances, deformation measurement schedule, docu-mentation and interpretation of test results. Test programs are presented in detail. Field studies are discussed and correlated to laboratory test programs for three types structures sensitive in varying degrees to effects of creep and shrinkage. That is, field studies of reinforced and prestressed concrete nuclear containments, the uneven long-term shortening of columns with respect to the shear walls in reinforced concrete high rise buildings with shear walls, and the determination of prestressing forces, cambers, deflections and prestress loss in prestressed members.