Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites--a Review


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Title: Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites--a Review

Author(s): N. Banthia and I. Genois

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 315-334

Keywords: carbon; composite materials; compressive strength; cracking (fracturing); durability; fatigue (materials); fiber reinforced concretes; fibers; flexural strength; impact; shrinkage; tensile strength; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1995

Describes improvements in the performance characteristics of cement- based matrices when reinforced with pitch-based carbon fibers. Under tension and flexure, increases both in strength and strain capacity were reported as a result of fiber reinforcement. Carbon fiber reinforced cement composites were also much more impact resistant that the parent matrix. Under compression, however, no increases either in the compressive strength or in the elastic modulus were noticed. Crack propagation in these composites was characterized using crack growth resistance curves (R-Curves) in which it was demonstrated that carbon fibers lead to a higher resistance to both nucleation and growth of cracks. This paper emphasizes the desired durability characteristics of these composites and discusses their current and future applications.