Statistical Behavior of Testing Plans for Concrete


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Title: Statistical Behavior of Testing Plans for Concrete

Author(s): Luke M. Snell and Robert B. Rutledge

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 4

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 36-40

Keywords: acceptance tests; building codes; concrete technology; criteria; statistical analysis; strength analysis; variations

Date: 2/1/1982

Recently, a great deal of interest has been shown in the statistical behavior of various acceptance testing plans for concrete. It has been suggested by Chung, that modifications of the existing acceptance criteria from the Building Code, ACI 318, were in order. Several concrete consultants in private conversations with the authors have indicated that too great an emphasis has been placed on the statistical concepts of concrete evaluation and that statistical generalizations are impossible to make; other concrete consultants have indicated the need for a more precise testing criteria. It is the authors’ opinion that more attention must be focused on our evolving acceptance criteria and on a proposed criteria that Chung has submitted for review. This article presents three aspects of evaluating the acceptance criteria, namely: (1) the behavior of the various testing plans over a range of quality (standard deviations of 200 psi (1.4 MPa), 500 psi (3.4 MPa), and 800 psi (5.5 MPa); (2) variations of standard deviations with field data; and (3) a discussion of how robust each acceptance test is when other than normally distributed data are considered.