Self-Compacting Property of Highly Flowable Concrete


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Title: Self-Compacting Property of Highly Flowable Concrete

Author(s): S. Nagataki and H. Fujiwara

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 301-314

Keywords: admixtures; coarse aggregates; compaction tests; fluidizing; segregation; viscosity; yield point; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1995

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for high- performance concrete with better workability, higher strength, and greater durability to meet current structural design needs. In Japan, studies of highly flowable concrete with self-compacting properties have been undertaken with the goal of improving reliability of concrete compaction in forms having complicated shapes or densely arranged reinforcement. To produce highly flowable concrete, it is necessary to create high-fluidity concrete by adding a superplasticizer and to eliminate segregation by adding a viscosity-controlling admixture or a large volume of powdered material. It is also necessary to provide the concrete with the ability to pass between the steel reinforcing bars to make it self compacting; this is achieved by controlling the rheological properties of mortar and volume of coarse aggregate. In this paper, the properties of self-compacting concrete are described.