Precast Concrete Bents Stacked for Style and Stability


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Title: Precast Concrete Bents Stacked for Style and Stability

Author(s): Thomas W. Kam

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 6

Issue: 11

Appears on pages(s): 08-11

Keywords: bents; concrete construction; frames; post-tensioning; precast concrete.

Date: 11/1/1984

Precast concrete bents, shaped in an inverted U, were stacked to create a frame to resist both the gravity and wind loads on the new Dallas area headquarters for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Each bent is a monolithic concrete unit composed of two columns and one beam. The more heavily loaded bents were also post-tensioned to eliminate unsightly cracking and deflections. Use of these units reduced the number of precast ele-ments and connections for the building and served a dual role as a structural frame and architectural fea-ture.