Safety Criteria in Construction of Segmental Bridges


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Title: Safety Criteria in Construction of Segmental Bridges

Author(s): Andrzej, S. Nowak, and Hid N. Grouni

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 4

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 80-86

Keywords: bridges (structures); cantilever bridges; concrete construction; loads (forces); precast con-crete; prestressed concrete; safety factor; structural design.

Date: 10/1/1982

Deals with development of design criteria for construction of segmental bridges erected as unbalanced cantilevers. During erection, the segments of such structures are placed alternately on each side of a pier, forming two cantilevers. Under unbalanced conditions, stability is a major consideration. Self-weight of segments is found to be a dominating load in calibration. The vertical prestressing force applied through the pier segment into the pier is treated as a stabilizing effect controlled by design. Safety is measured in terms of the safety index. Load factors are calculated to provide for a satisfactory safety level during construction. The calibration procedure is demonstrated on two typical segmental bridges, a cast-in-place bridge and a precast bridge. The results may be applied to segmental bridges erected by other methods of construction.*