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Title: Proposed Revisions to: Use of Epoxy Compounds With Concrete (ACI 503R-73)

Author(s): ACI Committee 503

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 2

Issue: 11

Appears on pages(s): 56-58

Keywords: abrasion resistant coatings; abrasive blasting; acid treatment (concrete); adhesion; adhesives; aggregates; bonding; bridge decks; chemical analysis; chemical attack; cleaning;


Date: 11/1/1980

Epoxy compounds have found a wide variety of uses in the concrete industry as coatings, grouts, binders, sealants, bonding agents, patching materials, and general adhesives. Properties, uses, preparations, mixtures, application, and handling requirements of epoxy resin systems when applied to and used with concrete and mortar are presented. The adhesiveness of epoxy and its chemical, therm given. The modification of the foregoing properties to accomodate given situations is reviewed. Problems encountered in surface preparation are reviewed and precedures and techniques given to in sure successful bonding of the epoxy to the other materials. Temperature conditioning of the base material and epoxy compound are outlined. The cleaning and maintaining of equipment is reviewed Procedures to be followed in the application of epoxy compounds in the several use situations are given. The important factors which insure that the epoxy compound will harden (cure) and therefore perform its function are discussed together with alterations of the hardening rate. The allergenic and -toxic nature of epoxies and the chemicals used with them in the in dustry create a hazard and precautions are detailed throughout the report. [Authors]