Concrete Mixes for Tilt-Up Wall Panels


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Title: Concrete Mixes for Tilt-Up Wall Panels

Author(s): Ross Martin

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 2

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 71-75

Keywords: admixtures; architectural concrete; com-pressive strength; concrete finishes (hardened con-crete); flexural strength; fly ash; mix proportioning; precast concrete; slump tests; structural design; temperature; test equipment; tilt-up construction.

Date: 4/1/1980

Presents information related to concrete mix proportioning for the specifier, concrete producer, and contractor involved in construction of site precast or tilt-up wall panels. Concrete is classified as structural or architectural and the wall panel surface treatments obtainable with these concrete types are summarized. The various ingredients used in modern concrete (cement, fly ash, fine and coarse aggregate, chemical admixtures, and air-entraining agents) are discussed. Also discussed are concrete properties such as strength: air content, slump and accommodation of slump loss by job site slump adjustment, maximum water-cement ratio, fly ash substitution for cement, and sand-aggregate ratio. A procedure for proportioning structural and architectural concrete mixes to provide adequate strength for lifting wall panels cast under various ambient conditions is described.