Crack Control in Portland Cement Plaster Panels


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Title: Crack Control in Portland Cement Plaster Panels

Author(s): Bert A. Hall

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 44

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 129-140

Keywords: none

Date: 10/1/1947

Desirability of using portland cement plaster for surfaces exposed to water spray and condensation impelled Bureau of Reclamation studies of cause and control of its cracking. Tests indicated shrinkage to be the chief factor in cracking of portland cement plaster. Method of application described eliminates restraint at all edges of the plaster slab, allowing shrinkage to take place without stress development and the attendant cracking. Savings are effected by application of successive plaster coats at 24-hr in-tervals, damp-curing of individual coats is eliminated, and the final curing period is shortened by careful control.