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Title: Permeability, Acid, and Absorption Tests Of Mortars Used IN Dry Tamped Silo Staves

Author(s): C. A. Hughes

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 36

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 553-578

Keywords: none

Date: 6/1/1940

Data on the permeability, acid resistance, and absorptions of specimens cut from concrete silo staves of widely varying properties. A method of test for relative acid resistance was developed using 0.16N lactic and acetic acid solution. Data from companion tests using phosphoric acid solutions, molasses solu-tions, corn juice, and silage juice indicate that the lactic and acetic acid solution may be used to determine qualitatively the relative resistance of mortars to the above solutions. Quantitatively the relative re- sistance depends both on the solution and the condition of exposure. For these tests the resistance of mortars to corrosion increased with increase in the flexural strength and with increase in the cement content but no critical strength or cement content was apparent. The absorption tests showed clearly that the 24 hr absorption was inferior to the 5 min a bsor p-tion, or the ratio of 5 min absorption to the 24 hr absorption, as a criterion of mortar quality. A few data on hydrostatic heads in silos indicate the need for more information on the exposure conditions existing in a silo.


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