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Title: Vibrating Concrete At Pine Canyon Dam

Author(s): Samuel B. Morris and Ross White

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 30

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 305-310

Keywords: none

DOI: 10.14359/8317

Date: 3/1/1934

The use of both internal and platform type electric vibrators at 4400 to 4700 rpm on mass concrete with 6 in. cobbles and less than I in. slump gave the same strength as concrete with 21 percent more cement and at lower cost in this 325 ft high concrete gravity dam. Other benefit; were: ( I) a more dense concrete, (2) better bond between lifts, (3) better surface finish and appearance, (4) lower temperature rise, and (5) absence of any damp spots on downstream face of dam.