Researches Toward a General Flexural Theory for Structural Concrete


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Title: Researches Toward a General Flexural Theory for Structural Concrete

Author(s): Hubert Rusch

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 57

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 1-28

Keywords: none

Date: 7/1/1960

This paper is directed toward formulation of a general flexural theory based on a careful study of all important factors regarding the properties of Concrete. The fact that strength and deformation of concrete depend on time is considered. The theory is based on recent tests permitting determination of the behavior of the compression zone in flexure for continuous load increase at different strain rates, and for constant sustained load. Having derived stress-strain relationships for these various types of loading, other factors were studied systematically, such as effect of concrete strength, position of neutral axis, and shape of cross section. The general theory developed is primarily a study of the true behavior of structural members. Since simplified assumptions are avoided, it naturally dbes not lead to simple fbrmulas such as are desired for structural design. The theory fulfills the important function of furnishing a reliable method for the evaluation of simplified design formulas. It is also possible, however, to present all new concepts and results of this theory in the form of a simple diagram which can be used for the solution of design problems for selected cross sections ranging from pure bending to pure compression, regardless of concrete quality and the type of steel used, and independent of whether prestressing is applied or not.