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Title: Chemical Prestressig of Concrete Elements Using Expanding Cements

Author(s): T. Y. Lin and Alexander Klein

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 60

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 1187-1218


Date: 9/1/1963

Self stressing, produced through the action of an expansive- cement-component in concrete. was used to pre-stress high tensile strength steel in tension, thereby creating degrees of precompression in the concrete, so-cal I ed expansive cement consists of a blend of portland cement of hightricalcium silicate and flow tri-calcium aluminate content with an expansive component made by grinding a clinker of calcium alumino sulfate composition. The concrete elements manufactured and tested, all self stressed by chemical prestressing. include four bressure pipes, three beams, a two-way reinforced slab, a one-way reinforced slab, and a hyperbolic paraboloid thin shell. Only the four pressure pipes and the two slabs are de-scribed in detail. The behavior and the strength of pressure pipes and slabs determined by experiment are compared with analytical values based on conventional theory of elasticity and principles of prestressing. It is shown that experimental results obtained with chemical prestressing of pressure pipes and flat slabs agree closely with calculated theoretical values.


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