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Title: Porosity of Hardened Portland Cement Paste

Author(s): W. C. Hansen

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 60

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 141-156


Date: 1/1/1963

paste from the standpoint of solid state reactions as opposed Discusses the structure of hardened portland cement to through solution reactions and coagulation of a sol to produce a gel. This is followed by calculations designed to determine the nature of the reaction products from data for the evaporable and nonevaporablo water contents of the hardened paste. On the assumption that C3S and C2S react with water in the paste to form CaS2H3 which con-tains one mole of evaporable water and two moles of non-evaporable water, the calculations based on estimated densities suggest that the CdAF and the portion of the CBA which is not combined as calcium sulfoaluminate react with water and CH to form GAHr9 and C&HI9 or possibly solid solutions of these compounds. These calcu-ations also suggest that about one-half of the space determined as porosity by the value obtained for evaporable water content is occupied by uncombined water in the saturated hardened paste and that the remaining one-half is space occupied by combined water in crystals.


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