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Title: Evaluation of the ACI Code Equations for Ultimate Strength Design of Columns

Author(s): Noel J. Everard

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 62

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 963-976

Keywords: code requirements, column, computer, evaluation, ultimate strength

Date: 8/1/1965

The basic assumptions stated in the 1963 ACI Code are used with specific locations of the neutral axis for spirally reinforced columns and tied columns to accurately calculate the corresponding values of P, M, and the eccentricity e. The values of e/f are then used in the ACI Code equations to predict the approximate values of P,. The exact values of P, are compared with the values predicted by the Code equations to ascertain the error of the latter for the given conditions. The computer solutions used by the author to prepare design charts for ACI Committee 340 are also compared to the exact solutions and it is shown that the differences are negligible. The related computer programs are therefore shown to be satisfactory for use as a means of evaluating the ACI Code equations. This study marks the beginning of an effort to establish the limits of applicability of the Code equations, and to attempt to devise correction factors which will extend the range of usefulness of the Code equations.


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