Behavior of One-Way Concrete Floor Slabs Reinforced with Welded Wire Fabric


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Title: Behavior of One-Way Concrete Floor Slabs Reinforced with Welded Wire Fabric

Author(s): Amos Atlas, Chester P. Siess, and Clyde E. Kesler

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 62

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 539-558

Keywords: anchorage, bond strength, deflection, cracking, flexural strength, one-way slab, reinforced concrete, research, slab, splice, welded wire fabric.

Date: 5/1/1965

Studies were made of the behavior and strength of one-way concrete slabs reinforced with welded wire fabric with particular emphasis on effects of the specific properties of the fabric. Factors considered were strength and ductility of the wires coupled with an absence of a definite yield point, bond and anchorage properties that depend on both the longitudinal and the transversely welded wires, a limit of l/2 in. on the diameter of the wires, and also the fact that slabs normally have a low percentage of reinforcement. An expression was obtained for the average crack spacing in slabs reinforced with welded fabric. The maximum and average crack widths on the tensile face of the slab and at the level of the reinforcement were estimated. Problems of shear strength and of anchorage in slabs were studied. The stresses and strains at flexural failure were studied, and an expression obtained for the ultimate strength of the slabs. Values of allowable stresses in the reinforcement to be used with the working stress method were obtained. The behavior of slabs reinforced with draped reinforcement and of some current anchorage and splicing details were also studied.