Basic Facts Concerning Shear Failure


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Title: Basic Facts Concerning Shear Failure

Author(s): G. N. J. Kani

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 63

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 675-692

Keywords: beams;diagonal tension;reinforced concrete;reinforcement;shear failure; strength.

Date: 6/1/1966

Reports on tests of rectangular beams performed to determine the influence of the three basic parameters in Eq. (12-2) and (17-2) of ACI 3 18-63. The results showed: (1) The influence of compressive strength, fl, on so-called shear strength was insignificant and could be ignored in the analysis of diagonal failure load or allowable shear stress. (2) The influence of the percentage of main reinforcement, p, on "shear strength" was considerable. (3) The minimum value of bending moment at failure for beams of identical cross section was obtained in the vicinity of a shear arm ratio, a/d, of 2.5, and this was not influenced by p or f. However, flexural load capacity varied considerably with percent of main reinforcement. (4) There exists a clearly defined region bounded by limiting values of p and a/d inside which diagonal failure is imminent and outside which full flexural strength is attained.