T-Beams Under Combined Bending, Shear, and Torsion


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Title: T-Beams Under Combined Bending, Shear, and Torsion

Author(s): Larry E. Farmer and Phil M. Ferguson

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 64

Issue: 11

Appears on pages(s): 757-766

Keywords: beams (structural);bending;cracking (fracturing);reinforced concrete; research; shear;stiffness;stresses;T-beams;torsion;ultimate strength method (structural)

Date: 11/1/1967

Test results of 26 semicontinuous reinforced concrete T-beams without web reinforcement under combined bending, shear, and torsion are reported. M/Vd ratios of 1.5, 3, and 6 were investigated, with the torsion segment 3d, 6d, and 12d long. All but four beams were over-reinforced to permit the primary study of shear and torsion interaction. The effect of torsional cross-sectional warping was investigated. Span length and cross-sectional warping were not found to influ-ence the behavior greatly. Torsion lowered beam shear strength much less than ordinary plastic theory would suggest.