Tests of Grouted Anchor Bolts in Tension and Shear


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Title: Tests of Grouted Anchor Bolts in Tension and Shear

Author(s): Richard F. Conard

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 66

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 725-728

Keywords: anchor bolts; bolts; bonding; concretes;deformation; embedment; fasteners; grout;loads (forces) ; pullout tests; shear stress; stresses;tensile stress.

Date: 9/1/1969

A variety of fastening systems are used when anchoring to concrete. The object of this study was to determine some of the loading characteristics in tension and shear of several types of grouted anchor bolts. The load capacities of the bolts in this study are compared to published test results of two types of mechanical fasteners. Three types of grout and two sizes of bolts were investigated. The best results were obtained using a nonshrink grout.