Sulfate resistance of asbestos-cement pipe specimens


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Title: Sulfate resistance of asbestos-cement pipe specimens

Author(s): Samuel B. Helms and Walter J. Mccoy

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 72

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 714-719

Keywords: asbestos-cement products; autoclaved products; autoclaving; exposure; long-time study; pipes (tubes); prisms; sodium sulfates; sulfate resistance; volume change.

Date: 12/1/1975

Results reported cover long-term exposures of test prisms sawed from samples of commercially produced asbestos-cement pipe. The data relates to the specification requirements for such pipe when proposed for service under conditions of exposure to sulfate soil or sulfate water. With the duration of immersion exposure in 2.5 and 5 percent Na2S04 solutions extending to 8 years, the known resistance of autoclaved asbestos-cement pipe cured com-mercially using high pressure steam was confirmed. When stored in sulfate conditions at temperature of either 73 F (23 C) or 100 F (38 C), linear expansion of test prisms for both sources of HPSC pipe after 8 years was less than 0.05 percent but the expansion was excessive for pipe cured under normal conditions.