Characterization of a Copper Slag Used in Mine Fill Operations


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Title: Characterization of a Copper Slag Used in Mine Fill Operations

Author(s): H. Roper, F. Kam, and G.J. Auld

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 79


Appears on pages(s): 1091-1110

Keywords: backfilling, calcium hydroxides; copper; heat of hydration; hydration; mines (excavations); slags; slurries; x-ray diffraction.

Date: 5/1/1983

Methods of production, placement and strength requirements of mine fill are briefly described. The chemical composition and details of the mineralogical nature of a particular quenched copper reverberatory furnace slag, successfully used in fill operations at Mount Isa Mine, Queensland, Australia are discussed. Experimental work on slag reactivity in the presence of Ca(OH)2 is described, and includes studies on the heat of hydration, non-evaporable water and x-ray intensity variations. The reaction product, which is also observed in the presence of hydrating portland cement appears to be a 7.34 & hydrate. Information on hydration characteristics may eventually allow advantageous modifications to be made to the present compositions of the fill material.