Development of a Low Heat of Hydration Blended Cement


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Title: Development of a Low Heat of Hydration Blended Cement

Author(s): S. Lessard, P.C. Aitcin, and Micheline Regourd

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 79


Appears on pages(s): 747-764

Keywords: blended cements; compressive strength; heat of hydration; mass concrete;microstructure; silica; slags; temperature rise (in concrete).

Date: 5/1/1983

A low heat of hydration blended cement for structural applications has been developed. This cement is composed of 50 percent of a Canadian cement, CSA Type 20, (ASTM Type II), 35 percent of a slowly reactive slag, and 15 percent of condensed silica fume. The heat of hydration measured at 20°C of this blended cement is 30 percent lower than that of the pure Type 20 cement whereas the 28 d compressive strength of standard mortars is about the same. The peak temperature of an insulated mass of concrete having a 28 d compressive strength of 30 MPa is reduced from 44.4°C to 34.4°C when using this composition instead of the Type 20 cement. A microstruc tural study has shown th at when using this blended cement the CSH formed is ve ry dense and amorpho us-like.