High Strength Lightweight Concrete With Condensed Silica Fume


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Title: High Strength Lightweight Concrete With Condensed Silica Fume

Author(s): Theador A. Burge

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 79


Appears on pages(s): 731-746

Keywords: air entraining agents; bonding; compressive strength; density (mass/volume); expanded clay aggregates; high-strength concretes; lightweight aggregate concretes; reinforcing steels; silica; water-reducing agents.

Date: 5/1/1983

In order to reduce the density for load bearing structural members and to improve the strength properties a new binder matrix has been investigated (1, 2). The binder matrix is composed of cement, variable amounts of condensed silica fume, high range water reducer and air entraining agent. The use of heavy duty grade expanded clay as lightweight aggregate in combination with artificially introduced air voids in the concrete was found to be ad-vantageous. With these combinations it was possible to attain an air content up to 40 % of the concrete volume and density / com-pressive strength values ranging from 1.1 t/m3 / 10 MPa to 1.8t/m3 60 MPa. The main properties of such lightweight concrete were investigated including strength and density, bond of embedded steel, modulus of elasticity and length change. In this paper the main results are presented and discussed. It can be concluded that cement-condensed silica fume blends can be used for the production of low density high strength lightweight concrete for structural use.