Performance of Shrinkage-CompensatingConcretes in Slabs


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Title: Performance of Shrinkage-CompensatingConcretes in Slabs

Author(s): H. G. Russell

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 64


Appears on pages(s): 81-114

Keywords: concrete slabs; creep properties; curing; drying shrinkage; expansive cement concretes; expansive cement,Type K; expansive cement, Type M ; expansive cement,Type S; expansive cements; lightweight concretes; reinforced concrete; restraints

Date: 7/1/1980

This paper reports an experimental investigation to evaluate the performance of reinforced concrete slabs made with shrinkage compensating concrete. The effects of type of cement, type ofaggregate, percentage and position of reinforcement, slab thickness and curing conditions on expansion and subsequent shrinkage were evaluated. Measurements were made on 41 slabs. Flexural tests were conducted to determine the effects of the variables on cracking and strength. Generally, the level of expansion affected the cracking loads but had no effect on flexural strength. Final net shrinkage for slabs with shrinkage-compensating concrete was less than that for comparable slabs made with Type I cement. Creep tests were also conducted to measure the properties of shrinkage compensating concretes under constant axial load. The results were compared with data from similar specimens containing Type I cement. Initial deformations were predicted accurately usin the theory of elasticity. Measured creep of the slabs containing shrinkage-compensating concretes was higher than the creep of corresponding Type I slabs.