Nonlinear Cyclic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Plane Stress Members


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Title: Nonlinear Cyclic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Plane Stress Members

Author(s): Haluk M. Aktan and Robert D. Hanson

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 63


Appears on pages(s): 135-152

Keywords: cracking (fracturing finite element method; hysteres --- models; models; reinforced conc ); cyclic loads; deforma tion; is; loads '(forces); math ematical rete;

Date: 8/1/1980

A finite element model which separately describes the linear and the nonlinear propertiesof steel and concrete materials is developed to analyze the cyclic inelastic behavior of a reinforced concrete plane stress shear wall. The reinforced concrete plane stress element is divided into subregions. The linear behavior of each subregion is defined by an elastic plane stress element and the nonlinear behavior is provided by a joint element of zero initial width connected to a boundary of the subregion. The stiffness matrix of the combined plane stress and joint elements is obtained from the individual material properties of concrete and orthogonally placed reinforcing steel. Four hysteretic stress-strain relationships are developed for the concrete and reinforcing steel. One model defines the cyclicbehavior of concrete under normal stresses, a second model defines the cyclic concrete shear behavior in the uncracked state and after cracking, a third model defines the cyclic behavior of reinforcing steel by a simple bi-linear model, and a fourth model defines reinforcing steel buckling in compression after crushing of concrete. The applicability of the model is demonstrated by comparing analytical solutions with experimental results obtained by PCA on two slender shear walls.