The Nature of Mass Concrete in Dams


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Title: The Nature of Mass Concrete in Dams

Author(s): Jerome M. Raphael

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 55


Appears on pages(s): 133-160

Keywords: aggregate size; aggregates; dams; creep properties; compressive strength; concrete PI diffusivity; dynamic loads; elastic properties; il heat of hydration; hydration reaction rates;

Date: 8/1/1978

The properties of mass concrete to be used in the numerical analysis of dams are derived from properties determined on concrete specimens in laboratory tests. Care is needed in selecting and modifying these data since mass concrete is quite different from structural concrete, and from the concrete of most laboratory experiments. Consideration is given to time-dependence of strength, elastic modulus, and creep, and factors are furnished to derive representative values for mass concrete from laboratory tests, since modulus of elasticity varies with the type of loading: for dead load and water load analy-ses, it is a fraction of the tested modulus; for earthquake loading, it is a multiple of the tested modulus. The variation of temperature-dependent properties with aggregate types is discussed. Tn all these properties, the influence of the aggregate is much stronger than the influence of the cement paste in setting the magnitude of structural properties.


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