Creep of Concrete under Various Temperature, Moisture, and Loading Conditions


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Title: Creep of Concrete under Various Temperature, Moisture, and Loading Conditions

Author(s): J.E. McDonald

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 55


Appears on pages(s): 31-54

Keywords: creep properties; creep recovery; creep tests; curing; deformation; loads (forces); modulus of elasticity; moisture content; nuclear reactors; Poisson ratio; pressure vessels; prestressed con-crete; shrinkage; strains; stresses; temperature

Date: 8/1/1978

An investigation was conducted to develop information on the time-dependent deformation behavior of concrete in the presence of temperature, moisture, and loading conditions similar to those en-' countered in a prestressed concrete reactor vessel (PCRV). Variables were one concrete strength (6000 psi (41 MPa) at 28 days), three 7 aggregate types (chert, limestone, and graywacke), one cement (Type II), two types of specimens (as-cast and air-dried), two levels of tempera-!, ture during test 73 F and 150 F (23 C and 66 C), and four types of "1, loading (uniaxial, hydrostatic, biaxial, and triaxial). There were 66 test conditions for creep tests and 12 test conditions for unloaded or control specimens. Experimental results are presented and discussed. Comparisons are made concerning the effect of the various test conditions on the behavior of concrete and general conclusions are formulated. Research performed under Int eragency Agreement No. AT-(40-1)-4128 for the Oak Ridge National Laborat ory operated by Un ion Carbide Corporation under contract with the Energy' Research and Deve lopment Administration.