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Title: High-Strength Concrete: How to Use it Every Day

Author(s): R. Lacroix and P. Jaugey

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 87


Appears on pages(s): 35-50

Keywords: aggregates; cements; costs; economics; high-strength concretes; plasticizers; research.

Date: 9/1/1985

A research program has been promoted in order to study the compositions and properties of High Performance Concretes to be produced in France. Concretes with a characteristic compressive strength of 50 to 60 MPa (7 000 to 8 500 psi) on cylinders tests may be fabricated every where in France at a reasonnable cost, by selecting aggregates, cement and superplasticizers. The Brittle behaviour of such concretes under loads action needs a reevalua-tion and a possible adaptation of the codes of design. The other characteristics of this material are significantly improved : reduction of creep and shrinkage, increase of compacity. The gain to be expected from a generalized use of such concretes results from short time characteristic, by decreasing the member sections and improving the rate of utilization of shuttering, and from long time characteristic by increasing durability. However a complementary program is now in progress in order to clear some uncertain-ties and to design an experimental structure.


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