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Title: Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Superplasticized Concretes

Author(s): E. Okada, M. Hisaka, Y. Kazama, and K. Hattori

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 68


Appears on pages(s): 215-232

Keywords: air-entrained concretes; air entrainment; compressive strength; freeze-thaw durability; mix proportioning; naphthalene compounds; plasticizers; slump tests; water-cement ratio.

DOI: 10.14359/6473

Date: 1/1/1981

Freeze-thaw resistance in terms of the durability factor, DF, was investigated with concretes containing varying dosages of p-sodium naphthalene sulfonate formalin high condensate (p-NSFHC) superplasticizer (MIGHTY) at water-cement ratios from 0.25 to 0.55 and the addition of vinsol resin soap to obtain air contents up to 4 percent, with a view to to correlating these to the spacing factor, L. It was established that the failure boundary curve can be described as a function of water-cement ratio and air content in hardened concrete. The effect of the camp ressive strength of the volumes of water and ai r vo ids in concretes was examined. The effect of air volume on strength was found to be half that of the same volume of water. It was found that vinsol resin is a satisfactory air entraining agent for use in concretes superplasticized with B-NSFHC.


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