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Title: Fatigue of Plain Concrete Subjected to Stress Reversals

Author(s): Ralejs Tepfencompression; fatigue (materials); fatigue tests; plain concrete; stresses; tension.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 75


Appears on pages(s): 195-216

Keywords: compression; fatigue (materials); fatigue tests; plain concrete; stresses; tension.

DOI: 10.14359/6407

Date: 9/1/1982

The few existing tests with stress reversals between tension and compression suggest that these may have little influence on the fatigue strength of concrete. This would instead be determined by the higher of the tensile or compressive stress maxima, expressed as percentages of the appropriate static strengths, with the minimum stress equal to zero. Two series of tests were performed to gain moreinformation. The specimens used were cubes and prisms loaded with compressive loads and transverse splitting line loads. Combination of these loads and pulsation of one of them gave the desired stress reversals. The test results indicate that stress reversals cause a slight reduction in fatigue strength. This reduction may however be due to the test equipment In the Swedish Code of Practice, a reduction of design stress due to fatigue caused by stress reversals between tension and compression is required. The results obtained are on the safe side of this requirement.


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