Torsion in Prestressed Curved Bridges


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Title: Torsion in Prestressed Curved Bridges

Author(s): A. Ghali

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 93


Appears on pages(s): 815-834

Keywords: bridges (structures); computer programs; curved beams; post-tensioning; prestressed concrete; statically indeterminate structures; structural analysis; torsion

Date: 9/1/1986

Prestressing by post-tensioned tendons with parabolic profiles can be arranged in a curved bridge such that the bend-ing moments are negligibly small due to the combined effect of dead load and prestressing. However, this can result in high torsional moments for which the bridge has to be designed. The reasons and the analysis for the high torsional moments are discussed. A curved continuous bridge with two spans and three possible support conditions is analyzed numerically to get an indication about the magnitude of the torsional moments. Reference is made to an available computer program which can be conveniently used in the analysis of any framed structure. The computer program can handle curved members with varying cross section and externally applied loads as well as prestressing loads.