Tensile-Splitting Stress Distribution of Partially Polymer-Impregnated Concrete Cylinders


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Title: Tensile-Splitting Stress Distribution of Partially Polymer-Impregnated Concrete Cylinders

Author(s): M. Kawakami, H. Tokuda, K. Ishizaki, and M. Kagaya

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 89


Appears on pages(s): 177-206

Keywords: composite materials; failure mechanisms; impregnating; methyl methacrylate; porosity; polymer-portland cement-concrete; splitting tensile strength; stress analysis; theory of elas-ticity. _

Date: 12/1/1985

The tensile-splitting stress distribution for partially polymer-impregnated concrete is mathematically predicted from the viewpoint of theory of elasticity, and the results are confirmed by experiments. It is shown that tensile-splitting load to par-tially polymer-impregnated concrete cylinders can be predicted by the proposed failure mode and compressive strength can be adapted to the law of mixtures for composite materials. Furthermore the experimental equation proposed by Knudsen for the relation between strength and porosity for a porous brittle crystal body is examined. The obtained strengths for partially polymer-impreg-nated concrete can be evaluated more exactly than those heretofore in use.