Corrosion Resistant Pipe Liners - Polymer Concrete


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Title: Corrosion Resistant Pipe Liners - Polymer Concrete

Author(s): Albert 0. Kaeding

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 89


Appears on pages(s): 19-42

Keywords: bonding; centrifugal casting; compressive strength; corrosion resistance; costs; permeability; pipe joints; pipe linings; pipes (tubes); polymer concrete; splitting tensile strength; thermal shock.

Date: 12/1/1985

Processes are described for centrifugally applying polymer concrete (PC) liner to straight pipe, for casting the PC liner in pipe fittings, and for closure of field joints. Physical properties of the PC liner materials were measured. Compressive strengths of up to 165.8 MPa (24,045 psi) and splitting tensile strengths of 23.5 MPa (3408 psi) were measured at ambient temperature. Compressive strengths of 24 MPa (3490 psi) and splitting tensile strengths of 2.5 MPa (366 psi) were measured at about 150°C (302OF). Cost of piping a geothermal plant with PC and PC-lined steel pipe is calculated to be $1.21 million, which compares favorably with a similar plant piped with alloy steel piping at a cost of $1.33 million. Life-cycle cost analysis indicates that the cost of PC-lined steel pipe would be 83% of that of carbon steel pipe over a 20 year plant operating life.