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Title: Grouting of Dry Joints in Huites Dam, C hoix, Mexico

Author(s): William J. Clark, Lois D. Schwarz and Prospero Ortega Moreno

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 172


Appears on pages(s): 935-950

Keywords: Concretes; construction; dams; grouting; joints (junctures)

DOI: 10.14359/6171

Date: 12/1/1999

A cement of high fineness (Microfine@ Cement) was specified for grouting the dry joints in the Huites Dam by Lombardi Consultants, Zurich, Switzerland. The first half of the paper contains specifications on the Microfine Cements by Onoda Cement in Japan and test data on the Microfine Cements developed at Northwestern University under the direction of Professor Raymond Krizek. The second half includes specification and application of 120 metric tonnes of Microfine Cement into the dry joints of the Huites Dam. The Huite Dam is located over the Fuerte River in the north part of Sinoloa State, Mexico. The dam will regulate the flow of the river, provide 440 megawatts of electricity and irrigation waters for 70000 hectacres. Total reservoir capacity is 4568 million cubic metres. In March of 1995, the dam construction was completed and the reservoir was filled. For structural reasons, it was necessary joints before the concrete reaghed 24 &o inject some opened slightly on reaching 24 C. C, the joints Therefore, it was necessary to reinject Microfine Cement, the product that had been approved for use at this building site.