Mixture Proportioning of Roller Compacted Concrete-A Review


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Title: Mixture Proportioning of Roller Compacted Concrete-A Review

Author(s): J. Marchand, R. Gagne, E. Ouellet and S. Lepage

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 171


Appears on pages(s): 457-486

Keywords: Air-entrainment; construction; dams; mechanical properties; mix proportioning; permeability; roller compacted concrete.

Date: 8/1/1997

The development of the roller-compacted concrete (RCC) technology in the 1980s is considered by many as a significant breakthrough in the construction industry. RCC is now commonly used all around the world for the construction of dams and pavements, and for the rehabilitation of existing structures. A critical review of the recent developments in the mixture proportioning of RCC is presented. Discussions include a brief description of each existing method. Special emphasis is placed on recent innovations based on the optimum paste volume and optimum packing density concepts. Each method is evaluated on the basis of its ability to yield cost-effective RCC mixtures with optimum workability, permeability and mechanical properties. The influence of various parameters, such as the use of supplementary cementing materials, mineral fillers and air entrainment is also discussed.