Properties and Application of Environmentally Friendly Porous Concrete


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Title: Properties and Application of Environmentally Friendly Porous Concrete

Author(s): M. Tamai and T. Matsukawa

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 179


Appears on pages(s): 123-140

Keywords: compressive strength; concrete; permeability; pore size distribution; water

Date: 6/1/1998

The void diameter and the internal surface area of porous concrete (PoC), prepared with crushed stone and glass balls of differing diameters as aggregate, were determined by slicing off the central cross section, cutting it into pieces at constant intervals and making an image analysis of those sections to examine the effect of the analytical results on the physical properties of the porous concrete and the growth of plants. The results indicated that the mean void diameter of the porous concrete is approximately 0.22 to 0.24 times the particle diameter of the aggregate packed with 30% binder and that the interconnected void, approximately 3 mm in mean diameter, is appropriate for grass-planting concrete.