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Title: Nondestructive Testing of Bridge Decks Using Dual Frequency Radar

Author(s): Anthony B. SlatonBarker and John W. Wallace

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 168


Appears on pages(s): 25-58

Keywords: bridge decks; field tests; nondestructive tests; reinforced concrete

DOI: 10.14359/5948

Date: 4/1/1997

The paper describes a study of reinforced concrete bridge decks that addresses the need for an accurate evaluation method that is not hindered by an asphalt cover or extensive operator experience. The use of two antennas for Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR) surveys allows for more accurate evaluations by reducing false readings that may be associated with the use of a single antenna. A more accurate determination of the amount of deterioration is also achieved, because the different frequency antennas will detect different types and severities of defects. To assess the use of dual frequency radar for evaluation of bridge decks, both laboratory studies and field studies were conducted. The results of the research indicate that false readings are reduced by using dual frequency radar such that bridge deck repair jobs can be prioritized. The added information on the extent of deterioration also allows more accurate predictions of the time, effort and money necessary for bridge deck rehabilitation.