Prediction of Strength and Shrinkage for Early Age High-Performance Concrete


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Title: Prediction of Strength and Shrinkage for Early Age High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): K. Kovler, I. Schamban, S.-I. Igarashi and A. Bentur

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 189


Appears on pages(s): 311-332

Keywords: autogenous shrinkage; compression; curing; early age; high-performance concrete; silica fume; splitting; strength

Date: 1/1/2000

Statistical relationships between compressive strength, tensile splitting strength and autogenous shrinkage of early-age high-performance concrete (HPC), on one hand, and water/binder ratio, silica fume (SF) incorporated in the mix and concrete age, on the other hand, are drawn. The methods of experimental design are used. It is shown that the tensile and compressive strength obtained is higher for higher SF content. However, the ratio of tensile to compressive strength decreased with increase in SF. These trends triggered the authors to study the complex behavior of early-age HPC, including the phenomenon of autogenous shrinkage and the cracking damage that it may induce. Convenient nomograms for use by practicing engineers for the prediction of both strength and shrinkage properties, were developed.