Suitability of Torrent Permeability Tester to Measure Air-Permeability of Covercrete


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Title: Suitability of Torrent Permeability Tester to Measure Air-Permeability of Covercrete

Author(s): C. Andrade, C. Gonzalez-Gasca, and R. Torrent

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 192


Appears on pages(s): 301-318

Keywords: carbonation; concretes; durability; permeability

Date: 4/1/2000

The importance of measuring, rapidly and reliably, the quality of the concrete cover as a mean to ensure a proper durability performance cannot be overemphasized. The "Torrent Permeability Tester" (TPT) is a method devised to that end, i.e. to measure the permeability to air of the covercrete, both in the laboratory and on-site, in less than 15 minutes. The paper presents test results obtained in two laboratories, Instituto Torroja in Spain and "Holdrbank" Management and Consulting in Switzerland, within the activities of RILEM's TC 116-PCD (Permeability of Concrete as a Criterion of its Durability). The tests included the determination of air-permeability (TPT Method), O2-permeability (Cembureau Method), capillary suction, "rapid chloride permeability test" (ASTM C 1202) and 1-year carbonation depth. The tests were performed on concretes of different compositions and curing regimes. The gas-permeability tests were repeated on the same specimens at the ages of 28d and 6 and 12 months. The results obtained indicate that the TPT is: Sensitive to changes in the quality of the concretes. Repeatable, for a sensitive property such as gas-permeability. Correlated to other relevant durability-related properties such as :O2- permeability, rate of capillary suction, chloride permeability and carbonation rate and , hence, suitable to characterize the quality of the concrete cover.


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